by charlie otto

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this album is special to me because all the songs were born and raised around the same time. i made about 20 snippets from scratch in january 2019, then herded them toward completion over the next year. many died along the way and ultimately the album felt best with the 8 songs i've left, for anyone willing to listen.


released April 9, 2020

vocals - elvis otto, kasey foster, leslie beukelman, elena lewis, sol lewis
drums - matt walker
bass - alan berliant
percussions - matt rezetko
mix/engineer/master - rollin weary
everything else - charlie otto


all rights reserved



Grood Music - charlie otto - DJ noDJ Chicago, Illinois


Chicago Electro Rock

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Track Name: a king grieves
hollow, moribund. suicide?
tomorrow, I kneel beside my only child
and bargain for my life

eyes closed
confused by triptophan
play alive
arms folded, hands tied in spirals round my throat like
“please just tell me why”

go to sleep
count your blessings
one for me
one for my tender love

my love

can’t sleep
with every blessing, the curse deepens
hold my tender love to my lead heart

my love

put me to sleep
with every blessing, the curse deepens
hold my ten

shallow, I’m breathing pressure from my chest
cuz there my tender lies
Track Name: cake
I did good (sure did)
Did good, good god
I made sure
Sure thing, not that hard

I did good
Did good, good god
I made sure
Sure thing, not that hard
Once I did, they knew, good god
Cuz I did good, did good, not that hard

I turn the oven
Fetch my ingredients
Beat em down and heat em up, gotta
Get mine, cake time
Bake a cake I can teach you how
Gonna crack a couple eggs and trample couple flours
Need a cake got the taste for power just bake one
Cake’s done

I laid low
The line went dark
Hundred thou
My god, I made out
Once I’m back, they’ll have to factor that
Hundred thou
Not sorry, cash me out
Track Name: summon the sun in
summon the sun in so go in power

pour me one
in a qualified mug
i’m on a quest to make something count
on second thought
a second cup if you don’t mind
i wanna feel like I could jump a mile
i wanna feel like I could climb a building
up high where the clouds don’t dare flying, it’s office hours

crack me one
sunnyside up
toast to what we could become
second thought
a second egg please darline
i wanna burst right out my shell
i wanna soar over all the buildings
gonna climb and the wind just lifts me higher and I can’t come down
Track Name: easy
This is easy
I’m in love with you
So whatever you do
Do it easy
And love will be easy

This is simple
I don’t think about it much
But whenever I want her love
I just tell her so
Cuz love could be that simple

I bet you wonder where we go at night
Kiss goodbye, and life gets harder
Everybody works, each with our own type
Get through and you’ll find it easier next time
Next time a little less crying

This is simple
I don’t think about it much
But whenever I want her love
I just tell her so
Cuz love could be that simple
Track Name: bite down
you make me bite down
Jaw’s tight
Teeth are grinding to a halt
I’ll keep the struggle up
On the furniture and proud
So I bite down

I’ll holdyou
Arm’s up
Run in circles til we drop
Let’s get to dressing up
Someone in the mirror you’ll like
And I’ll bite down

You got tools got boots with heels on em
You got height that’s right so I bite down
You’re getting rude cuz you’re too cool to care
So turn, give us a stare, for rude babies everywhere
Track Name: open arms
stone knees
cloudy eyes
ocean deep
mountain wide

sun rises
wind blows
sky opens
roots hold

open arms in the morning
open arms to the waking star
in the stone and the water
its heart beats alike
ocean deep, mountain wide

flowing leaves
rooted mind
hundred rings
thousand lifetimes

open arms in the sunlight
open arms underneath the ground
from the soil and the water
as the needs arise
ocean deep, mountain wide

open arms to the sunlight
but open arms to the darkest clouds
from the fire to the frost
flood or siege alike
ocean deep, mountain wide

when the heart slows
and the grounds frozen
however low the sun’ll reach in the sky
ocean deep, mountain wide

the wind will blow
and the clouds will close over my head
I will hold my arms out
sure as the sun, alive
ocean deep, mountain wide
Track Name: shift red
star in the sky
what do you see
worlds around me
young light
who holds your heart
of all of these children
every one tells me
"in every rock on every shore,
beats the heart of our glowing sun."
when darkness surrounds
the hearts last beat
gaze fixed eastward
rise in peace

star in the sky
what have you seen
wars in silence
with every rise and inevitable fall
heaves the chest of their glowing sun
and as they turn to the desert and drown
shift red, smouldering out

rise in peace
Track Name: your lucky scars
Along the length
Of your shoulderblade
The whole of your life extends
Run my fingertips across the seam
Balance on a razor edge of other possibilities
Rest my love, turn away
Brace for what comes next

I wonder what you’re thinking now
I wonder if we couldn’t have counted on your lucky scars

Short of breath
No regrets
Just keep her safe and warm
How many she’s left to take I don’t want to know
But every last breath is a miracle
Brace for the final one

I wonder if we couldn’t have counted on em
Cuz everything you are was in doubt
Until you got your scars
I wonder how we’ll pay the debt down
Promise that you’ll wear them proud
Our lucky scars

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