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Contains 6 tracks that sound like they may or may not work well together on one disc.


released March 23, 2016

Engineered by Ray Quinn
Written by Charlie Otto and Kasey Foster
Performed by Charlie Otto, Kasey Foster, Matt Gunsaulus, Patrick Dinnen, Drew Littell, Alan Maniacek, Alan Berliant, Kevin O'Donnell, Larry Beers, Ray Quinn, David Keller, John Cicora, Kyle Madsen, Xavier Galdon


all rights reserved



Grood Music - charlie otto - DJ noDJ Chicago, Illinois


Chicago Electro Rock

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Track Name: One Foot In Front of the Other
Every dude is confused by the line he gotta walk
but your legs don’t pretend and your feet can just do your talkin

Put one foot in front of the other now
And don’t worry about where your feet go
The world is curved impressively
Every road leads to home

If you’re me then you’ve seen your share of road closed signs
You can sit, you can spit, call it shit, but just don’t give it all your time

Step one foot in front of the other now
Doesn’t matter if you’re walking straight
Cuz time stretches on to infinity
You can never be late

Take one step in front of the other now
Even if your pace slows to a crawl
cuz the world is scaled impossibly
you could never see it all

I put one note after another now
And when all the chords start to change
There are trillions of songs in the universe
I just pick one and play
Track Name: Intro
Welcome specimens
we got the regiment for you check the ingredient list tonight
slick bass kick drum synth top hi hat keytar dem beats bustin up the floor
yo forget about the toms
dance don't walk don't run, to the front of the stage or other place that you can listen to us real loud
swirl the groove, taste the mood but just spit out the rest
you can come to your conclusions if you ask us we'll say

we're not the bar band
we're not here to sell you beer or get you laid

we're not your friend, man
strictly business happens up here on this stage

huff huff i can't keep up with the insta tumblas, all a twitter pushing their shit
sell it out but don't sell yourself out but either way you're buyin it all
put your money on the floor
run that game and live that hype i'm ultra sure you'll definitely make it
sittin pretty big in the city your pants are tight and we're infinitely jelly but we just can't go for that

we're not the hip shit
we don't have that million dollar publicist

let's not be cryptic
if you hear a sound we are the ones playing it

no we're not the cool thing
tens and tens of fb hits

no we're not here tributing
we're just here to get our fix of killing it
Track Name: Sugar
Each morning is the same: you say
“give me something that I like.”
And no food could please the beast in you
Like sugar
Like sugar do

It’s not about the taste
It’s my instinct kicking in
Cuz history is fate and a king better feed his citizens

Most food could use something
Each lacks the nitro booster shot
And no drug, would give as reliable a push
As sugar
As sugar could

Keep going now
Work harder now with sugar
Juice is running out I want
Juice is running out I need sugar

Looking for sugar now
Searching for sugar now
Tell everyone we’ve found the part of town where they keep sugar

Inspecting sugar now
Purchasing sugar now
I can’t explain how much I Love sugar, and sugar loves me

Tasting the sugar now
Focus on sugar now
All systems shutting down to let your mouth be with the sugar

Your life is sugar now
Bow down to sugar now
All hail the crown and call him sugar
Track Name: This
I don the hard hat
i handle pick axe
I'm siftin this that

I could go for years and years
i can keep the ink in here without mark calendar down

I could kick the ball around
i could go without a sound without a

well this may not be the place (that's your fate)
every indicator could be facing wrong (at this rate)
so the monologue goes

but if i was to look around (careful now)
trace the tracks the ground displays (you've just found)
i could still stumble on gold
Track Name: You Already Know
feelin overbeared
not a soul that can prepare you for your death
i'm always sorta scared
always minimally aware of my loose ends
silently speaking
"is this all I was born for"

finding the balls to call it
loving the ground when falling
all of the trees know that you won't be happy
til you die a little
til you die a little
you already know

when i calm it down
i still remember how you found me just a youth
so undeclared
if i could change the past
i'd turn the clock back just to tell him
"cool your jets, you don't have to hurt her.
find your death, lay in her arms" and sleep
sell all of your belongings
hear your heart and nothing else
even if you don't know it you will be happy
once you die a little
once you die a little
you already know

feeling overwhelmed
strong enough i had to tell you

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