things to throw off a cliff

by charlie otto

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released December 8, 2018


all rights reserved



Grood Music - charlie otto - DJ noDJ Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Electro Rock

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Track Name: down
He’s down
He’s staying down for the count
He’s down until the time is right
For getting on with the fight

He’s stuck
He’s fallen down on his luck
And our man Is stunned, that every time he swings, nothing meets, his glove

I see success through a store window
I’m looking skeptically in the mirror
“why don’t they like me?
What would I have to be?”
They bring me down
So I’m holing up downtown
Hiding from the next defeat that patiently waits for me

You’re down
But you’re getting up off the ground
Cuz you’re down, for all the rights and lefts, the hits and jabs you’ll take

You’re down
So you’ll find your own way around
And you’ll wear them out, as only one who fails so very well,
Could last the bells, to knock them out
You’re down
Track Name: hiding with your money
you're hiding from something
but it's already found you
either way you turn, it can stay right behind you
in fear dressed as hope, you hold your breath, and count to ten
and by then you'll forget, and go hiding with your money
yes you do

it's an uneven world out there, so many holes to fall into
so many different people, each with their own way to ignore you
so ration your gold, collect your tolls, and make it stretch
see how far you can get, if you go hiding with your money
yes you do

holding your breath can suffocate you
digging a hole with your own weight
holding your breath will suffocate you and you're
digging a hole, while you wait to move
Track Name: when i'm alone
mom says
"don't leave the bed for anything else"

but sometimes
i can't sleep at all
what did i do wrong

when i'm alone
i don't need anyone
and i'm allowed to have fun
when i'm alone
and i don't have to go to bed
til the second i get tired
and until then i'll be alright
Track Name: you and me
2 degrees this morning
you and me'd walk the wrong way if that's where the sun hit
bundle up for spring

we make a to-do list
you and me'd spend the whole day and only add new things on
erase it start again

if i scheduled a time you'd make me late
you and i, we're on our way, like spring

orange and pink this evening
you and me spin round and round like sleeping
open up like springtime

i could make up some rules and you could break em
me and you, we're always changing

and if i scheduled a time you'd make me late for it
you and i, we're on our way, like spring
Track Name: help
Help juggling things that are up in the air
Help with the times that I’m sure I don’t care
Help cuz the second I stopped, the things that would drop, could land anywhere
So I caught one
I only handle what matters
I held one, and I let all the other things fall
Cuz they’ll get done, help this one first

Help with the work so my family can eat
Help keep the money which much prefers leaving
Help us to fight a way forward when it’s looking more and more like retreat
Help them with pain that I can’t take away
Help cuz it comes when they don’t have the strength
Help cuz the second one ends, the next phase begins in which the pain gets more intense
So I stepped back
We always handle what matters
We held back
To let each other fall

Break out
Now you don’t gotta be handled
Cuz you came up
Every time you took another fall
And you helped me
Cuz to let all the other things fall
Helps as the space round my head starts to clear
Helps give the answers some time to appear
Helps cuz to focus on one makes the need to be done less severe
Helped watch the ones I love suffer through pain
Helped fight the urge to just help them instead
Cuz help that can take away the pain, is the same type that takes away the chance, to build strength
But the same applies to me
So things are how they need to be
Thanks anyways

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